EOD was formed in late 2000. The band is the evolution of the early 90’s local hardcore band “Sick Dog” (hence the name). After playing a number of shows in the local area and building a modest following, time and commitments got the better of EOD and they decided to pull the plug. In September 2002, EOD played what they thought would be their last show together (the first “Wormfest“). Chicken moved on with other projects (“SheepFish“, “the Kids at the Back of the Bus“) as did Eric (“Standard Deviation“).

Fall 2004 found the former EOD members with some free time and an itch to revisit the heavy style they’d left behind in 2002. They began practicing “just for fun”, but quickly realized they were clicking even better than before. Three years after calling it quits, EOD returned to the stage at Ralph’s Diner (August 2005). Since then they’ve been playing regularly all over New England.